Foundation Drainage Channels

Drainage Channels

Installing a foundation or basement channel drain is a water management solution that relieves excess water from around and under your foundation and directs it to your sump pump system.

"Knoxville Foundation Pros" is a premier foundation or basement channel drain installation expert.

The installation of foundation or basement drainage-Channel or Hydro-Channel is a critical step in waterproofing a basement.

A very common entry point of water in a basement is through the cove joint. Hydro-Channel will divert water from the cove joint down the footing and into the basement drain system then to sump pump pit where it is ejected by the pump.

At "Knoxville Foundation Pros", we have the drainage solution you need to create dry, usable space in your basement or crawl space. We have specialized drainage systems that we can customize for your unique problem –regardless of what that problem may be.

Our drainage channel is designed to provide additional protection at the vulnerable wall-floor junction in basement waterproofing applications.

Our services are:

- Basement Drainage Channels/ Foundation Drainage – Install/Repair

- Drain Clearing - Drain Clog or Blockage - Clear

- Fixtures, Faucets and Pipes – Replace or Repair

- Basement/Foundation Plumbing Inspection Services

Our experienced channel drain technicians ensure that your drain is level with the surrounding surface so there are no hindering edges.

We can help waterproof your basement and keep you on budget.

For more information or FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE for your foundation or basement channel drain cleaning, repair, installation and service, call us today at 865-329-6394

Our goal is to be the No. 1 channel drain company when it comes to answering your calls, showing up on time and providing a guaranteed price before we start.

With "Knoxville Foundation Pros", you can count on a fast and friendly experience from our highly trained drain technicians.